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Giving Back

At ContactCenterPRO Consulting, we're passionate about more than just delivering exceptional advice in Technology and Outsource Selection, Work at Home Audits, and Consulting. We're also dedicated to making a tangible impact in our community.

We take pride in annually sponsoring a teacher, supporting the vital role education plays in shaping young minds. This initiative is our salute to the educators who kindle the flame of curiosity and knowledge.

Our contributions to Hero Box allow us to extend our gratitude to the valiant servicemen and women overseas, ensuring they receive care packages that bring comfort and a taste of home. Each contribution is a token of our deep appreciation for their sacrifice and bravery.

'Community Impact' at ContactCenterPRO Consulting is about intertwining our professional services with meaningful support, fostering positive change one solution, one teacher, and one soldier at a time. 

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The Teacher of 2023!

Mrs. Bresnahan

Meet Ms. Bresnahan, our latest beneficiary in our commitment to supporting education. We've fulfilled her entire classroom wishlist, ensuring she has the resources needed to inspire and educate her students. At ContactCenterPRO Consulting, we're proud to make a difference, one classroom at a time.

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ContactCenterPRO Consulting proudly supports Hero Box, an initiative that sends care packages to our troops overseas, expressing our gratitude and solidarity. Through our contributions, we help ensure that these personalized boxes, filled with essentials and thoughtful items, reach our servicemen and women, offering them a touch of home and comfort. Each package is a symbol of our deep appreciation, reminding our brave soldiers that their dedication and sacrifice resonate with us, inspiring a heartfelt connection across the miles.

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