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Outsource Selection

How we can help you. 

There are many considerations when looking into outsourcing. Our team of consultants has relationships with over 500 contact center outsourcing firms across the globe. We will work with you at no cost to identify the best solution to meet your challenging needs. 

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

Before you start your research into potential outsourced partners, you need to determine whether outsourcing is the right option for you. Be Wary! Some outsourcer would say “Yes, we can handle your calls” and they will do everything they can to “close the deal”.

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Questions to ask yourself before outsourcing:

Why are we considering outsourcing?

Can we train a partner to handle our customer contacts?

Can an outsourcer find the specialized talent we require?

Should we outsource all contact, or just a few queues?

What is our primary objectives for outsourcing (Price, expertise, location, after hours coverage, overflow, managing call fluctuations, disaster recovery, fast growth, seasonal fluctuations…etc.)

Set your Priorities

Rank your priorities before you start your selection process and keep form on your priorities.

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Picking an outsourcer

Selecting a contact center outsourcing firm is not like buying a commodity. The Partner you choose will be handling you most important asset – your customers. The customer interaction can affect your brand, corporate image and bottom line in a positive or negative manner. Throughout the selection process, keep your priorities top of mind and continue to reevaluate as needed to meet your mission, vision and goals.


All contact centers are unique to their company, culture and brand, so understanding your priorities, mission, vision and goals is critical to finding the best fit for your company.

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