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Outsource Selection

How we can help you. 

There are numerous considerations when exploring outsourcing solutions. Our team of consultants maintains relationships with over 300 contact center outsourcing firms worldwide. We'll collaborate with you at no cost to identify the optimal solution to address your unique needs.

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

Before looking into potential outsourced partners, it's crucial to determine whether outsourcing aligns with your objectives. Exercise caution: while some outsourcers may promise to handle your calls, their focus may be solely on closing the deal.

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Questions to ask yourself before outsourcing:

  • Why are we considering outsourcing?

  • Can we adequately train a partner to handle our customer contacts?

  • Can an outsourcer source the specialized talent we require?

  • Should we outsource all contact or only specific queues?

  • What are our primary objectives for outsourcing (price, expertise, location, after-hours coverage, overflow management, call fluctuations, disaster recovery, rapid growth, seasonal fluctuations, etc.)?

Set your Priorities

Before initiating your selection process, prioritize your criteria and remain steadfast in your decisions.

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Picking an Outsourcer

Selecting a contact center outsourcing firm is far from purchasing a commodity. The partner you select will manage your most valuable asset—your customers. Customer interactions can profoundly impact your brand, corporate image, and bottom line, either positively or negatively. Throughout the selection journey, keep your priorities in focus and continuously reassess to align with your mission, vision, and goals.

Every contact center is unique, shaped by its company, culture, and brand. Understanding your priorities, mission, vision, and goals is paramount to finding the perfect fit for your organization.

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